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Thread: PCMCIA WiFi vs. USB WiFi

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    USB all the way... I mounted mine inside my homemade antenna. It's working very well so far.

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    I'd just like to chime in and say that I had really good luck with my old Buffalo PCMCIA wifi card and a $10 external antenna that i found on eBay. I really don't like USB wireless cards, as far as I'm concerned wireless throughput is bad enough without trying to use the USB bus for networking as well. Also, I'm not convinced that the range is good enough. Sure, some will say that you can hack your USB adapter to wire up a huge antenna, but why void your warranty when there are other combinations that are proven to work.

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    It doesn't matter, it depends on the transmit power and receive sensitivity of the radio not the form factor... I think the Engenius USB adapter has the best balance of power and sensitivity.

    Whatever you choose if you want distance then an antenna port is a must.

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