Thanks SNO, :-)


ok, how does it compare to a standard wifi adapter with +3DBi antenna's?

Well, you can not compare it to any standard wifi adapter (with 3dbi antenna) here is why:

I have had alfa and gsky in the past, and in my apartment building they gave me no more than 10-12 wifi be honest gsky with G mode gave me 12, and alfa with N mode only 8-9 (which is strange).
BUT with UA3 I am getting at least 20-22 signals, and most of the are 4-5 bars (70-100%)
so in my opinion you can not compare UA3 to any of those adapters.....price range is also different, you can get alfa or gsky or any Chinese adapter for 15-30 bucks, when UAWIFI UA3 cost 99$ and but its made in USA, so I guess if you want good reliable adapter/antenna, you should go with UA3, but it all depends how much you are willing to spend!!!