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Thread: Cellphone on carpc

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    Cellphone on carpc

    I had this idea while thinking of how to get Internet access with my cell phone sim card....Is there a sim card reader that connects to the computer/carputer that would get your computer to notice that someone is calling it and use your carputer microphone to talk to the person calling? Another thing is can you have two SIM cards for one cellphone #? so if someone called your cell would ring and your computer would ring....I remember about 5 years ago my dad did it where his pc would ring when someone called his Landline. Again this is just my idea...someone has probably thought about this before cuse hey....i think it would be really useful. We could put an end to those expensive $80 a month car phone plans from bmw and mercedes.


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    No SIM card device.
    But there is software that will accomplish the same thing via bluetooth.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    The sim card doesn't do much but describe your cellphone account to the phone it is in. Just plugging a sim card into a computer wouldn't do anything magic - you still need a phone.

    What you describe as far as having two sim cards share the same number can only be accomplished by cloning, which is a very difficult and very illegal process.
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    Use a phone with bluetooth and connect to the pc with it, then theres things like phonecontrol that let you run conversations and sms off the laptop.
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