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    Question Wireless Questions

    I've wanted wireless internet but all I have so far is a USB 54mbps wireless receiver and transmitter made by D-Link. It's a piece of crap but can pick up wireless if I park right in front of a building which has it. And if I have my trunk open. So in upgrading, I found people talking about the EnGenius 200mW 802.11ABG USB 2.0 Adapter EUB-862. I heard issues about your computer not wanting to hibernate while it's working, has this been fixed? And if not, then can you suggest a good wireless signal booster I could use for the same price? Also, in order to lock onto signals as I pass by, I can just use Netstumbler for unsecured spots right? Will this automatically download the weather for the current day as I'm online so I can look at it later? Or do I have to load my weather screen in the skin for it to initialize the download? And the same with gas prices or traffic cameras if I add those on later?
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    Min hibernates with it just gine. Don't use the connection manager software that's included with the unit. Ignore al their stupid warnings during the install.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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