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Thread: Treo700wx or USB Dongle....???

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    Treo700wx or USB Dongle....???

    I need a solid and steady connection while driving as I will be doing alot of video streaming to my car pc while the car is in motion. I have been using my Verizon Wireless Treo 700wx WM5 phone as a modem and it doesnt seem to quite cut it. Can anyone tell me if the usb dongle that verizon or sprint makes will be better than the method im using now, by the way my carpc is an intel based mac mini and im located in Long Island,NY. Thanks in advance.

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    Does any cellular "broadband" connection have enough throughput for streaming video?
    Failure is not an option....

    It's installed by default on every version of Windows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarryWoods View Post
    Does any cellular "broadband" connection have enough throughput for streaming video?
    Yes! I stream movies seamlessly on my car pc using bluetooth through
    my PPC-6700

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    Me too. I have Verizon Treo 700W connected via usb cable to my car pc. I can watch smooth video on you tube, mtv, and other faster sites. I even tried MOBITV and it worked for a while. When it connects using PDANET, it reports a 2.4 MB connection speed. When I do speed test from Internet, it averages 750 kbps and sometimes over 1mb. no problem here.

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