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Thread: Does Cingular/ATT know?

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    Does Cingular/ATT know?

    if you are using Medianet or using the Laptop to get information?

    Im wondering, im paying 59.99 for unlimited data for the laptop/pda.
    If I just get the unlimited MediaNet package which is unlimited downloads (no limit on data transfer), for 20 bucks, is it possible to still connect to the internet through the phone? Or does Cingular know that you are using the phone to connect to the internet and will block you phone from their servers.

    To my knowledge, isnt GPRS, GPRS? no matter how you use it? I mean, how could cingular know that Im using it as a modem? If I have unlimited data usage if i get the Medianet Unlimited package, am I good to go?

    Can anyone confirm this?
    by the way im using a Motorola KRZR.

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    works for me

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    It depends where you dial in. That is what you pay for. For instance my unlimited media plan for my phone is $39.99 through Cingular as well (which is strange) and I am allowed to use the "isp.cingular" to dial. The $20 one you use the wap.cingular to connect and it filters some sites, and is slower because it is lower priority on their end.

    When it was ATT before all this naming crap, I had unlimited $20 a month and used my laptop to connect through my phone and it was fine. But if you say that you will be using it for a laptop or to use as a pass through modem, they will flag your account and if you try to go back to the low version, they will monitor it and may cancel your service. So as long as you havent told them it is for a laptop you will be fine. Legally it is a breach of their TOS, so they can ban you from Cingular forever if they felt like it.
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    question: what if i'm interested in dialing in as opposed to using WAP.....
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    Just to try to do it legit, are there any features that one can get for a normal cell phone that tethering is permitted on? I have a Razr V3xx 3G and I'm not willing to give it up. I used to work for a Cingular dealer, and we were told to not put laptop connect or PDA connect on a non-pda or lappy card. My plan is to get the Media Max 200 package so I don't have the 1mb/month cap on data, but retain my 200 text msgs a month.

    Then again, do we REALLY have to worry bout AT&T cutting people off? Data through AT&T is not something I plan to do on a regular basis, just when I'm on the road or the middle of nowhere with no data connectivity.


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