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Thread: phonecontrol USB problem

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    phonecontrol USB problem

    ok i have my USB drivers for my V3m installed. I can connect to the modem Fine, no problem. I can get on net and stuff. But im having problems with the Phonecontrol. This is a verizon v3m, but is considered a v3c as far as drivers go. I bought a USB Bluetooth Dongle, but it uses the bluesoeil v 1.6 which is not compatible with Anyway i want to use it through USB but it wont connect to my phone. Does anyone know how to get this to work, or another program, or another way to do this With bluetooth. !(Bluesoile 1.6) Also im using centrafuse if that helps at all.

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    Not going to happen

    If you look around the forum you'll see that it's not going to work. I have the same phone and have wisely given up.

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    so either with bluetooth or USB it will never work??

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