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Thread: How can I use my cingular cell for FREE internet

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    I am currently using Cingular intenet in my car PC through my Nokia N75 3G phone. I think the cheapest way to do it is to sign-up for their unlimited media access plan I think its about $20 more per month. The way I do it is to simply use the bluetooth teathering feature and run a dial-up connecton though the cell phone. The speed is not bad at all if you are in an area where you can get 3G connectivity. If not then you will be limited to GPRS speeds which are around 128K I think. I dont know the exact speed of the 3G connectivity however I am able to run internet radio, and my Sling Box TV at about 256K with very little skipping. Hope this helps.

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    But the farther from the towers you are, the slower it goes. And if you are in the boonies where you cany get cable or dsl, I bet the gprs speeds will be around 44kbps. I know in Colorado, the fastest I have gotten through unlimited pda gprs through my HTC phone, is about 56kbps. Usually around 44 because of all the trees/mountains.
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    I am lucky on the tower part,got one just a mile away.So you think I would be better off useing a phone for a modem or just buy a card?
    Thanks again for the help

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    A deditacted card is definatly the best solution if cost is not a factor. My understanding is that you will pay roughly $60 a month and need to sign a 2 year agreement with the card. If you run it through the cell phone you dont need a 2 year agreement and its only $20 more a month. You will however need to buy a new phone that supports 3g for the higher speeds, also my experience has been that when I run the internet through my phone if i am streaming anything that fills my bandwith my calls do not come in.

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