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Thread: Motorized CB antenna.

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    Motorized CB antenna.

    I have a Cobra WXNWST CB radio that I want to install in my van. I would like to somehow motorize this antenna where it will rise up when I turn the CB on and retract back down when I turn the CB off. I don't know of any commercially available motorized CB antennas. Does anyone know the best way to motorize a CB antenna?
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    Most CB antennas don't telescope like motorized car radio antennas. If you could find a CB antenna that telescopes, you could mount it to a motorized car antenna.
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    About the only other way I could think of would be very space consuming. Most mag-mount CB antennas has steel masts that are fairly flexible. If you were to build some sort of horizontal actuator with a metal plate for the magnet to grab to, then run the mast through a 90 degree radius tube up through a body panel, that could work. Impractical, but it'd get the job done. However, if you wanted to use a fiberglass antenna like a FireStick or something, you'd need a vertical actuator and a LOT of body height (like 4 foot or so)...
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    Reason you wont find motorized ones, is you need a solid base for mounting the antenna to create a ground plane. Without this, you'll have very poor reception. This is why bumper mount antennas have poorer reception than roof / trunk mount / even magnet mounts.

    You can somewhat get away from this problem using the duplexed mirror mount antennas, that have some funky mechanics to create an artificial ground plane.

    If you really want stealth CB, there used to exist some "black boxes" that used your radio antenna in place of a true CB antenna. No clue how well they worked though...

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    The length of a transmitter aerial is critical. They have to be tuned to the frequency. Therefore they do not retract.
    What you could do is mount the aerial on a hinged base so that when not in use it lays along the roof.
    You would require a small enclosure to house the base together with a small electric motor for raising / lowering.
    In addition you would require a wire to earth the base to the roof of the vehicle to provide a ground plane.
    If the enclosure is painted to match the vehicle it will hardly be noticeable.

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    So many years have gone by since CB's were introduced to the automobile, and while it's far past it's heyday, I would have thought that technology would have produced at least a couple cool high quality stealth antennas.

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