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Thread: BlackJack II Bluetooth 2.0 Remote Start?

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    BlackJack II Bluetooth 2.0 Remote Start?

    My friend knows lots about cell phones and he tells me that the Bluetooth 2.0 on the Samsung BlackJack II has a range of 200 or 300 ft. I was wondering if I would be able to wake-on-bluetooth? to start my Pc before I got to my car. Or if there was anyway to do something like this?

    Could I write a program to remote start my car using my phone? Would I be able to shut down the PC after use so I wouldn't waste my battery? Would my battery be wasted doing this?

    I've not even been on for more than a week and I already love everything that is provided to me here on the Store and Forums! Thank You All!!

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    The range would be awful, probably around 30-50ft from the car. You can't wake the computer with bluetooth. You could make the computer start the car with something like the fusion brain, but the computer would have to be on the whole time waiting to get a signal from the phone. This would kill your battery.

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