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Thread: How to setup an audio gateway AKA cell phone on your car's speakers

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    do you get an icon like this? when you plug in you thumb drive it should install drivers and the icon should turn green

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    Turn off windows automatically installing driver softare.

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    The latest available driver is from here and is free; (it's a downloader/installer app)

    My phone, HTC touch diamond, auto answers with it though which isn't ideal.

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    Hi all,

    At this point I'd like to remind you the way an OEM bluetooth carkit (car infotainment system with BT) works: it's passive, just like a BT headset, and your phone looks for it, and connects to it. Not the other way around, like all of us seem to try. Reconnecting after leaving/reentering BT range, also, is the mobile phone's job.
    Bluesoleil gives you this opportunity: right click on the tray icon, device properties and change the value of the "my device type" dropdown list, from Desktop to Headset.
    This way you can search from within your phone's menu, and find ...CarPC... as a headset device and connect to it.

    Now... can someone tell me, how to change device type to Headset, in Widcomm? as Widcomm only offers Desktop and Laptop in the device settings.

    My other problem with this method is, that my phone (K800i) connects to the PC thru A2DP. This is fine for streaming audio, but when I place/receive a call, it doesn't switch to the Handsfree Audio Gateway, instead leaves the A2DP connection open and transfers audio to the phone.
    I tried disabling the A2DP service from within BS. This results in the phone connecting to the PC thru Mono handsfree audio gateway, but this doesn't seem to work, as whenever the phone needs to play a sound (music, phonecall) it alerts "...CarPC... disconnected".

    So, anyone took the other way around, and played with the "Headset" -device type?

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    Has anyone gotten this to work successfully with a Windows Mobile? I've been trying for a long time to get Audio Gateway to work properly on my HTC Touch Pro 2 and before that my PPC6800.

    Making calls I have no problems. When I'm in range it connects and when I make a call its flawless. The problem is when I get a call. When a call comes in it rings once then answers without me doing anything. And no its not the auto answer feature on a headset (i know that would be the first reply if i didnt say that). The issue is that even though there is a BT link to the PC the voice gateway doesn't connect until in a call. When i make one it connects when i hit send to dial, when i receive a call it connects when it starts to ring and once there is a connection it answers. It would be bad if im driving and someone calls i dont want to talk to or something and it just answers without me knowing.

    I tested this theory with my regular BT headset. I had the headset off and I called the phone and once it started ringing i turned on the head set and sure enough it answered.

    My question is how do i get it to hold a solid connection all the time like a normal BT headset would? Or make it not answer once a headset is connected?

    I tried using the BlueSoleil BT stack also. This one worked ok once everything was connected but every time I came back in range of the PC or turned the PC on I would have to manually connect the voice gateway again.

    I had the same issues with my XV6800 (Titan) and never got it to work right either.

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    I try to get an audio gateway with my LG Arena but everytime I've the sound in my phone.However I've the headset bluetooth icon on my phone.I use Freefone with Widcomm on XP;
    I hope you could help me!

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