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Thread: Cell phone Inet not working

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    Cell phone Inet not working

    Hey guys I am having a bit of trouble.

    I can use my cellphone as a tethered modem via bluetooth all day long with my laptop.
    The lappy is xp pro and I use a nokia 6682.

    Now when it comes to the carputer, it wont connect. It will get to where its verifying username and password and then error out with a 721 "the remote computer did not respond"
    In the advanced settings for my modem I am using this string

    I can go to control panel and query each modem and all that works fine.

    I have attached the logs of this as well. I dont know what all of it means but here they are with this post.
    I am using the bluetooth modem that widcomm provides. Thats the bluetooth stack I am using. I am using it since it works best with my phone control software.

    I have also tried the old Cingular communication manager and the att communication manager and neither are working.
    As I said, I do pay for a data plan on my cell phone and it works just fine on my laptop.
    I pretty much do what this guy here has pointed out how to do and I just cant get it to work on my laptop.

    I dont know what it could be? The only real differance is that this carputer xp has had its fat trimmed with the use of nlite. I am not sure if that has caused this or not.

    Please advise.
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    To get mine working in the car I had to choose under internet settings in control panel to Automatically detect setting and to user a proxy server. Server is
    Hope this helps.


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    I used to have that phone.

    The only way I could tether via USB was by doing through PC Suite...


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