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Thread: What are you guys using your mobile broadband for?

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    What are you guys using your mobile broadband for?

    Hi All,

    I finally installed broadband in the car using the Sprint CDMA USB Dongle, it's a little pricey at $60 p/m for unlimited data but it really does complete the whole concept of bringing I.T. into the driving environment for me.

    So far I'm using mine for:

    - Weather
    - Real-time updates of my music folder from my media server at home via FTP
    - Orb streaming media from the home media server (1.3TB of movies, TV and music)
    - General web browsing
    - Traffic Cams

    Future plans
    - Google Earth + GPS

    Just wondered if there is other great stuff people have found useful for the car now they have their internet. I see people talking about traffic updates but not sure how where to implement that.

    350z Roadster,
    Lilliput 7" touch, Opus 250w, 160gb, AMD3500+, 1gb ddr400, geforce 6500 pcie, SiRF Star 3, Wireless G, Sprint CDMA, Bluetooth, Creative iCam Pro, RR, iG 4, Digital FX 4.0

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    Not exactly an answer to your question, but just an FYI. If you're not already locked into a contract you can get the same product (and better customer service) from Millenicom for $10 less per month and no contract. I'm using this at home for internet access because I'm in an area w/o DSL.


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