I stumbled upon this thread: Boost mobile?

And I am enthusiastic about getting a boost phone just for data.
I was actually googling for a cheap pre-paid gprs sim card to use as a fallback for my server.

Anyway, from reading the thread, it seems that people can only access the gps functionality with a midlet (A java mobile app), and that this app has to send data to the internet, and a host computer cannot directly access the gps while the phone is making a data call.

I mostly make games, but I have written some midletes that use bluetooth, and I know it is usually possible to have access to any serial interface that the phone has, such as IR or tether.
Since I don't have the phone yet, does anyone think it would be possible to write a midlet to communicate directly with the phone's host?

I am assuming that the phone and the host computer would have the same IP address, and that packets routed to the internet are bridged over the phone, so it may be possible to send gps data directly to the host with just a little tcpip hackery.

Infact, if that is case, there might be a way to get lower level access to the phones tcpip interface, and display stats as it is connected!

Is there a second physical output just for gps data?
If there is it may be that it is directly wired to the onboard gps and innacessable to the programmer.

I am getting ahead of myself.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this??