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Thread: dopod c720w as modem setup?

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    haha..yea..i thought i did my specs for my pc..and located over in seattle, wa. im not too sure about the wireless card of now..i just have the usb wifi dongle, and this now bluetooth modem type thing..but for now..i think im okay with just this. its not really like i plan on doing any major online surfing while driving. and usually when i do.. i just park it over at a plce where they have wifi

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    Quote Originally Posted by pnyboy27 View Post
    oh..and do you know about roaming charges? like if i were to go up to canada and use the internet feature and use my carpc to connect to it..would that be considered roaming?
    I believe for T-mo, if you're voice calls are roaming in Canada then your data will be too. Best thing to do is call them up and check before you go. When I had T-mo and went to Hawaii I called first to make sure I wouldn't get charged. I had the nationwide, no-roaming plan, but wanted to make sure my data would work there as well. They told me that it will and it's included in my coverage area. Only caveat was that their Hawaii data network was upgraded maybe 1.5 - 2 years earlier and may not work with my ~2 yr old sim card. I was told to go ahead and try it and if it didn't work to just go into a T-mo store and get a newer sim card at no charge.

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