I'm trying to setup a OEM wifi a/b/g/n dual band 2.4ghz/5ghz mini-PCI adapter such as WMIA-268N. These dual band modules have 3x U.Fl connectors and I was wondering how you connect a 2.4ghz and 5ghz antenna? Are these 3 connectors for a mimo antenna or input and outputs for differnet ghz antennas? If they are mimo connectors how do you connect 2 different ghz antennas to these dual band modules?

If you are installing a wifi adapter with mimo 3x connectors how do you forgo the mimo and combine the 3 inputs into one antenna input more applicable for the carputer?

These questions are for you WiFi gurus out there? I've been surf for a couple of days and haven't found the answer to these question. So any help would be appreciated.