1- First, get a Bell Mobility PAY-AS-YOU-GO plan with the $7 'mobile browser'
The 'real data plan costs $12/MB!!! or unlimited for $100/mo...but it's FAST...

2- Everybody knows the mobile browser SUCKS, so find a USB cable that will
'tether' your model of phone to your USB port
(I use an Audiovox 8615 from 2001, I get 26,000 Baud...ebay cable:$2)

NOW we can get that data off the frustrating tiny screen and keyboard,
and ported into your laptop. Email, maps, still images of traffic cams...

3-Turn the phone on, flip closed if applicable, plug it in

4- Create a Network connection dialing the number "#777" (like verizon)
the username is "[email protected]" (#s being your phone number)
the password is your ORIGINAL voicemail password from when you bought the
phone...usually a 4 digit number

(or dial #777 with a terminal program, then enter the username and password)

I even use it at home for text-based stuff and even some online games . It works VERY reliably... I have tried downloading a bunch of files (3-5?) at once through Limewire while travelling through 3 different tower coverage zones. PERFECT data hand-off! No corrupted files or lost transfer - it just 'paused' on signal loss!

I almost forgot, the most FRUSTRATING, time consuming part:
You will need the USB driver for your model of phone.(For Windows...Linux found it!)
I downloaded mine off the net, it was called 'curitel packet service' driver.