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Thread: Mini-PCI WiFi antenna

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    To be honest, I do a lot of that--worse, actually--get some 'wild hair', then run out of 'expendable income' to afford the new's the exact reason I do exactly what you mentioned, even if I do take things a bit too far, for myself sometimes...yard sales, consignment stores, the local flea market--sometimes I find myself getting obsessed with some idea I have. I want to kick myself if I don't get some crazy 'prototype' done before I find out somebody else has done it, even though waiting always helps with the execution (right?). So, lately I've even begun having some pretty intense brainstorming sessions, where I literally sit down (or not!) and go through some simple, basic parts I may (or even not!) need for some projects I've had in mind. If you run around with more than one seriously underway and no idea about parts, you'll end up looking a little nutty (hence my hair). Speaking for myself, if I put no forethought into 'alternative' parts (i.e. somebody else's TRASH!) I end up with 'multiple messes'.
    I've been watching 'KipKay' on his self-named site, and even subscribed to 'Make Magazine's' Youtube channel recently. Too many irons in the fire already (KipKay's 'Altoids Soldering Defumigator Fan assembly' is my current fave for him), and two others, but I did get a neat little project done a few weeks back...tried to find my pics of it on FB where I left 'em...but somehow, they're missing right when I wanted to link to them here. They're on my laptop, I'll post them next...

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    I found my pics of another project I made about two mos. ago--FB keeps changing--even the apparent location of some photo albums...
    here's that link...I'll talk more about it later (Final 4 + Cincy Reds live='major distraction')
    Guitar Rack (regular OR console)

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    Hey Mike,
    Before I begin to reply, maybe you could contact my son, Trent Sutherland. He lives in Philly, writes his own songs/music, and is making a great start. Maybe you could friend him. Connections can make us all more sucessful...

    Yeah, I was totally on fire when I first learned that guys were putting PC's in cars. My main goal was to use a PC for the basis of an advanced audio system, and it worked out great. I got a big
    18" x 24" newsprint sketch pad from an artists supply store and began sketching my own design, also making cardboard scale mosels of PC, amps, control and junction boxes. I discovered and founf most parts there, speakers, amplifiers, l-pads, you name it.

    I am not rich or living with my mom, so I had to buy (for example) Pyramid amplifiers and speakers, plus partsexpress speaker kits. Much of my car system is unusual and different from what a lot of guys have installed, but let me mention that I am older than most guys on mp3car and have been electronic geek since a verrrry young age; hence I have a reather different vison of what I want, and was willing to build most of my equipment, rather than get it out of a box, or have somebody else install it for me.

    So, when you talk about going over budget, or being obsessed with "too many" irons in the fire...I can TOTALLY relate. I have not added to my carPC system for awhile, but there were nights when I was bulding it, that I pulled the car into the somewhat warm garage and worked 'till 1AM, only to get 4 hrs sleep, then off to work! But it was worth it, beacause I knew that many dedicated men have done the same to achieve some really impressive results. That's what it takes sometimes to go over the top and make something that is really special.

    Like I wrote, I am verry big on conceptualizing on paper. I have "wasted" a lot of pads, just coming up with designs that work for me. Always evolving... I have kept most of my notes and definitely kept the final drawings and schematics of the terminal strips and such in my car, so for future adventures, I can refer to them and build.

    OK, have a great one and always have fun. Work hard, but always have some fun, do not be afraid to go out there and do something different. Guys may make cute remarks, but LISTEN to your system and how great it sounds; people are jealous...
    Happy CarPC'ing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by brucedog View Post
    i think it is important to remember that this is a public forum, and while many of us don't care about someones specific name/email, i am sure there are many spammers--that don't need a login to view posts-- that would love to get a hold of a name that they can use for their own benefit.. for the sake of your son, i think it would be best to edit his name out. i would hate to see it get into the wrong hands.. like most matters like this, i prefer to keep specific info limited to PM's, or emails-- this way, if the info gets out, i have only one person to blame.

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    The pigtail cable RP TNC female to IPX is needed .

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