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Thread: Terrible bluetooth sound quality, can it be fixed?

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    Terrible bluetooth sound quality, can it be fixed?

    I originally installed the bluetooth dongle on the PC in my house while I was bench testing everything. I installed it with widcomm 5 drivers and when I connected to the audio gateway and used a mic and my speakers, everything sounded fine, especially the voice coming through my speakers from the caller. Now that it is in my car, the audio from the bluetooth breaks up really bad through the audio gateway and I can't figure out why. Not much has changed except that there are more USB devices plugged in, but all USB devices are plugged directly to the board. Audio works great for everything else on the PC such as playing music, but the widcomm audio is barely audible and I know when these calls take place I have a good signal from my phone. So, anyone know how to try and fix this?

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    I think I found the answer to my own question. Read somewhere else that if there is power problems, the bluetooth USB stick will do that. Didn't think it could happen to me because me stick was connected directly to the board, but then again my whole board was screwy and I just returned it because nothing worked with USB on it.

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    what board did you have if you dont mind me asking?

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