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Thread: Keyless Start?

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    Keyless Start?

    I dont know if this topic has come up but I did put a few searches and found nothing. I have been looking around the web the past few days trying to find a way to have an keyless start . I am not looking for a remote start. I was thinking bluetooth or RFID to detect if i was in the car than push the start button and Im off. I know this is not a needed thing but i think it would be a cool mod to have. Any information would be appreciated and if I find anything I will post updates.


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    you may check some Nissan forums for this info. Most newer Nissan's (at least the Altima's and Maxima's) are just like this. Get in, sit down, push the button to start the car. No need to take the key out of your pocket.

    They may give you the info you need as to what tech they are using. For bluetooth, the PC would have to be on already and you'll probably also need a security bypass box (had to have one installed into my Maxima for the remote start). Not sure about RFID but I would assume the same.

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    I asked a similar question 2 years ago to see if my thumb print could start the car but I found out the computer would have to to already be on in order to read the print so you'd have to make it detect you walking towards the car to allow for the boot up time. It's just a lot of work but I'd like to see someone succeed.
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    well there is
    but i don't think that's the solution your lookin for
    but i know with some remote start systems they give you an option of adding other sensors
    you would probably have to do some reverse engineering
    where if you had one of those wireless usb in the area around your car that it would sense that it is you and if you were by the car by about 3 seconds then it would start the car up
    probably have it work off a timer to trigger the remote start
    it seems like a fusion brain might be able to help with this but then again in order to use the fusion brain the computer has to be one

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