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Thread: Connect my WIImote to pc - PROBLEM!

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    Connect my WIImote to pc - PROBLEM!

    Hello, Last night I'v spend al the night on trying to connect my wiimote to the pc. I bought a normal bluetooth stick (12 euro's). I installed the drivers (widcom) and inserted the bluetooth stick. I'v read that you should skip pairing etc, so id did. After doing everyting by this tuturial :

    After that, the wiimote was flashing non stop. (So it should be connected, paired) Then i started GlovePIE, and ran the testwiimotescript, (wiimote still flashing) Tuturials say that the "debug" thing, should change in numbers as you wave your wiimote. Well, i can swing my wiimote as hard as i can, but the debug numbers don't change.

    Also the mouse script doesnt work, only my cursor goes slowly to the corner of the screen.

    I'v also tried Bluesoleil.. But it doesnt recocnise my bluetooth adapter, it just says: Place a bluetooth device.

    I have no more ideas.. So if someone could help me???

    Thank yOu!!

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    I tried connecting my Wiimote to my pc through bt once. I used a belkin dongle though. Didn't have any problems. I slightly remember reading once, though, that only some dongles seem to work with the Wiimotes. If you have access to a different one, it might be worth a try.

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    I have same problem

    i am using
    Macbook Air
    Brodcomm bluetooth
    Widcomm stack updated on april 09
    windows vista

    i am having exactly same problem ... all buttons work except mouse cursor ...
    when ever i run script mouse runs to top left corner ...

    any kind of help will be appreciated ...

    Thanx in advacne

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    Sorry if I'm replying too late to this, but it sounds like you might not have had the infra-red bar (or something emulating it) near your monitor.

    FYI, with Windows 7, I plugged in my $10 USB bluetooth dongle, and it detected the wiimote immediately (I had to choose 'skip authentication/pairing' or something) with the default bluetooth stack (and using 1.7 wiimote library). I haven't tried glovepie but I'm able to interact with centrafuse with the library.

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