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Thread: Best data plan provider

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    Best data plan provider

    My cellular contract with AT&T is almost up, and i'm looking into switching. What is the best data plan provider for using your data legit. I'm interested in a data cable to my car compute, or bluetooth, or a PCMCIA cellular card.

    by "best", i mostly mean price, but relatively high speed would be desired too.
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    Check out Millenicom. I use it for my net access at home since I can't get DSL/cable and I have used it on the road once or twice. $50/month flat rate, no contract, and no tax. Not affiliated with them...just a satisfied customer.


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    Bump I know it has only been two days but I was wondering the same thing and tomorrow I plan on locking myself in for another two years with Verizon when I get the centro.

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    I got the Centro it is sweet but I didn't get data cause it was like $30 a month extra but maybe I'll add it when there is a reasonably priced data plan.

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    Same boat here

    I'm also looking at getting a new provider. I'm currently looking at Sprint but I think for the time being I'm going to go with Boost moblie. Until I can save up to get a decent phone without getting stuck with a 2year contract.

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