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Thread: REDUCE BT Range???

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    REDUCE BT Range???

    Is it possible to fine tune the range of the adapter to limit it? My phone auto pairs to CF and stays connected up to 50 feet from the car. This is a problem if I leave the car but take the phone and it stays connected or auto connects if I happen to walk back in to range. it would be nicer to be able to dial down the range to work just within the car.

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    It is a 10m (30ft). I have a D-Link DBT120. 50 feet may have been too much, I haven't really measured it but I'd like to have the range be MUCH shorter, closer to 3m even.

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    Well I am surprised you are getting a full 10M out of a 10M dongle.

    As far as I am aware there is no way of reducing the signal strength via software, the only thing I can suggest is try various thickness's and types of metal boxes or try placing it in different places within the car.

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