Well I'm having a somewhat related issue with my car PC. I use Centrafuse as my frontend. It detects my phone (HTC Touch Cruise running Windows Mobile 6.5) and my phone can see that the computer will accept services like handsfree and wireless audio streaming. Once the phone is paired with the PC, my phone's noises (like click noises, notifications, MP3s, etc.) come through the car PC, but not the SMS tones or ringtones, and the phone calls don't get routed through the car PC, even though Centrafuse says it is in handsfree mode.

I even tried pairing the phone with the PC without Centrafuse running (i.e. using the default Bluetooth application in Windows) and the same thing happens: all audio apart from phone calls comes through the car PC. I checked the Bluetooth settings on the PC and Advanced Audio is enabled, as well as Handsfree (and a few serial ports). Anyone have a clue what could be the problem? I'm going to try pairing a completely different phone when I get a chance, but in the mean time I thought I'd try to get some help.

One thing to note: using Centrafuse's phone app, I can dial a number and it makes my phone call that number, so that's good. But the audio still remains in the phone. Another thing is that once a call connects or disconnects, I hear a soft click or pop (like a hint of static) for a split second through the car PC speakers. Weird ye?

Anyone else experienced similar issues?