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Thread: Bluesoleil - Launch Network PAN connection from inside CF

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    Bluesoleil - Launch Network PAN connection from inside CF

    I've been setting up all the software on my CentraFuse based CarPuter, and I'm looking for a way to launch or auto connect to a link for Bluesoleils bluetooth Network PAN connection I have paired with my AT&T Tilt.

    I've started with just creating a link of it from My Bluetooth Places and dropping the link on the desktop.

    if I doulbe click, it launches and connections of course.

    I then tried adding that link to Startup.... but of course this didn't work cause the Bluetooth stack isn't online in time for the startup programs sequence

    So I created an external application inside Centrafuse and pointed it to the bluetooth internet connection link, to no avail..

    I tested this from a command line, launching the .lnk file mentioned above... and that didn't work either.

    Does anyone have a good method of initiating such a connection via script, batch file, auto it script or application? lol


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    Create a script using autoit that will wait for a given amount of time then launch your link.
    Very simple to do.
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