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Thread: The mobile Internet makes its way into cars

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    Quote Originally Posted by hexxamillion View Post
    Strange that you say its not meant to be used while in motion. I mean we use our cell phones while in motion walking around, on the bus or if you have bluetooth handfree in the car...same thing due to the data connection. If I can stream internet music flawlessly through my phone to my EEEPC while in the car then it should work the same.
    It has to do with how cell phones hand off connections between towers. Half a second lag in a phone call you wont notice - but in streaming music you would hear a gap.

    Its probably something that could be handled just as well with good software buffering/error checking though.

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    There are a few problems with the MiFi device...
    1. It is not designed in any way to be used while moving in a vehicle... and if you try to stream pandora or watch a you tube video ... good luck.
    2. The cost for the MiFi device is nominal once you realize that your monthly bill will actually be more like $60-$100 ... not cool
    3.It only stays charged for 4 hours and you cannot use it while it's charging

    The autonet device is cheaper, and actually has technology designed specifically for the device being in motion. There is a reason that the Autonet device is the only auto industry certified and the MiFi is not.

    Check out this CNET review below.

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