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Thread: Fantastic app and service.

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    Fantastic app and service.

    If you guys already are paying for data on your windows mobile or Nokia symbian phones i have found this app that is ridiculously easy to use and works fantastic. Its called Best Buy Mobile Hotspot. It is a one time fee of $60 from Bestbuy, however it uses the data your already paying for ($30 bux a month) and the wifi built into your phone to connect as a modem. It works identicle to the MiFi services from Verizon and Sprint without the hefty 60 dollars a month bill and contract. It works flawlessly and will generate a wifi area capable of connecting up to 5 wifi enabled devices.... YES! Now I can use pandora or such in my car, my kids can play their PSP or what have you and my wife can browse the web.!!! I love it... I can post pictures of it working if you want. I love it..!!

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    wm wifi router does the same for windows mobile and is a fair bit cheaper

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    I don't know about wm wifi router, but the second option PDANet doesn't do it via wifi. It is either with a cable or blue tooth. The nice thing I like about the program I have is you don't need to install anything on your computer, and because all its doing is creating a wifi field I can use a PSP gaming system or any other wifi device without also having to find a way to get hot sync to work with it.

    After reading a little more it does work via wifi but I still cant get past having to download something on my computer for it to see my phone... Still takes away from me using other devices that you cant put the software on.

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    I guess I am confused about this as well when readinig about WMWiFi Router. On the site it says you need to have a phone that has....
    An installed and working version of Internet Sharing**
    ** Some providers remove Internet Sharing from their branded devices

    What do they mean by this. I again like the fact that the program I am trying doesn't need anything in particular to work. Unless they are just over complicating what is required for it to work.

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