Hi I have 1 piece of wireless equipment lined up here that I would like to purchase..I am planning on extending my wireless network.But i need some help double checking to make sure that each equipment unit would connect to each other without problems..This is the unit that I would be getting for sure..


All I need now is a good wifi omni-directional antenna about 12-15 dbi.This is what I have in mind here:http://www.wifi-link.com/product.php...roduct_id=1524

So far I have the linksys wrt54gl router running dd-wrt.So what I would like to do is connect that usb powered wifi amplifier to my linksys router then connect the omni directional antenna to the usb amplifier...So it would look like this Linksys router >>>usb amplifier >>>omni antenna.
The main issue I am having is the correct cables which I need to get to connect these 3 items together...Your help will be greatly appreciated..thanks..