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RipplingHurst. I'm using AT&Ts Media Net Unlimited with my phone as well. I'm looking into adding a second line for my carPC as a dedicated line. The cheapest they have offered me for the second line is $60 a month for 5Gb max... They won't offer the Media Net Unlimited to use on a 3G wireless usb dongle.

I may end up trying the Data Jack. I'm trying to find a contact phone number or email address I can call them on to ask about more-detailed coverage areas.
I'm on the family plan unlimited (I think it's $50.00 + 7.99 any line), so my extra phone for the car goes for 7.99 (+15.00 data).

I'm not sure how to get this to the wireless usb dongle. Does it have a smart card? Or a way to transfer a (15.00 data plan activated) line to it?