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Thread: Sierra Wireless Lightning Hibernate

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    Sierra Wireless Lightning Hibernate

    I recently got a Sierra Wireless USB lightning modem from AT&T and I'm having the usual hibernation issues with it. It doesn't like to wake up after hibernation and can be a pain in the butt to get turned back on.

    I have two questions about potential remedies for this:

    1 - Is there an easy way I can configure a macro to go through the steps of re-enabling the device when the computer resumes from hibernate? I am not a programmer, so I would need a method that is mostly graphical and easy to understand.

    2 - What other USB HSDPA modems, with an external antenna connector, are a available that do not have trouble recovering from hibernation?

    I would really appreciate some help with this. It's hard to make the most of my mobile internet connection when I constantly have to pamper it to keep my connection alive.


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    Not sure about AT&T, but I know my older USB720 from Verizon has never had a wake-up issue. It's configured in NDIS mode (so it auto-connects with no extra software required to be run).
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