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Thread: Antenna Question

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    Antenna Question

    Ok guys look. I have a problem. The previous owner of the car had installed a car antenna which was manufactured for some kind of gps device, i dont even know for which device was installed, nor does he! So i have an unknown antenna with 4x3.5" jacks connected to 4 coaxial cables 1 pair for power supply (which is used by the antenna device for the diversion).

    Today i cut the 4 jacks to plug a tv "jack" male to connect the usb tv card with the diversity-type antenna. As i couldnt have known which coaxial goes to the tv antenna i started testing every single coaxial with my usb card in order to find the proper cable.

    Unfortunatelly, none of them received any tv signal!

    And my question is what's going on with car antennas? What are these 4 3.5" jacks??? Each coaxial is a different antenna (so i have 4 different antennas for 4 different frequency spaces?) or are they set up in pairs? (2 cables for 1 signal type) ????

    Sorry for my bad english, i can provide some pictures if they can help!

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    You assumed that the antenna was made to receive over-the-air TV signals?
    Poor assumption.
    Most antennas for vehicles aren't set up to receive OTA TV signals.

    Unless you can provide a make/model for the antenna, it's unlikely that anyone will be able to assist.
    If not a make/model, some photos might help to identify your antenna.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.

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    i assumed that because the body of the antenna has 3 poles for receive in the inner side of the windshield. Antennas with 3 poles in cars are made to use diversity theorem to receive the maximum quality of any reflective signals

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    Ok, now i found out what's my antenna! This antenna uses 4 jacks for 4 tv inputs! It's a tv antenna only.

    Anyways....What antenna are you using to watch tv in the car?

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