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Thread: Wireless Router in Car

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    Yea the miniDSP lets you set up the processing config via USB. It does not need to be connected after that, but the option to change on the fly would be nice.

    They have pretty good customer service but I'm not sure they would open their software up. An API would be awsome here.

    I have my own custom front end so I have some flexibility here. (see sig)

    I would think the bandwidth would be the same for the DACs? Just digital out?

    OBDII is pretty low bandwidth. I have a cheap BT version so I'd probably just use continue to use BT.

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    i haven't been taxing my setup that much, but i do have it reading audio from a solid state harddrive connected to the hub, as well as the dac. i think you could be ok with the obd-ii and the dac. the one concern is that it states that it won't play well with all of the audio devices out there. i think they are talking more about soundcards that do a lot of software processing.

    i love that minidsp, that is so cool. wish they had that when i was doing my corvette install

    my initial impressions with the setup ive been testing is awesome. everything is working great together and setup was very simple.

    you can hook up to 15 devices to the hub too.

    I set up my router by just plugging it in. and attaching it to the hub. the belkin software did everything. the hub i am using is a linksys router that an old coworker set up in adhoc mode for another project. but i dont think that was necessary.

    if i were to do it again, i would possibly look into getting a smaller wireless hub, but it's not a deal breaker by any means. As far as hooking it up to 12vdc. the belkin unit is a 5v@4amp device. i plan on just using an old m1-atx as a power supply for the router and hub so factor that in to you budget
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    The miniDSP 2x8 can accept SPDIF/Toslink. I'm thinking a USB to SPDIF/Toslink would be thing to do here.

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