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Thread: Car PC sync with phone automatically to get new music?

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    Car PC sync with phone automatically to get new music?

    Okay, Have no idea where the appropriate area to post this would be but since I figured this would happen through WiFi I'd post it here.

    I have an android phone, and I get ALL my music from an app on there, so ALL my music is on my phone.

    So my quetion is, is there a way that when I get into my truck with the carpc that I can make it automatically sync/transfer any newly downloaded songs from my phone to the pc?

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    Many frontends have sync software that can sync from a USB drive, so use one of those frontends, plug in your phone and set it to mass storage mode.
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    Im running road runner, im new to it and havnt explored it too much, Would road runner work for this? If so how?

    Id rather it work through wifi but i guess if i have to use USB that would work too.

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