I'm using a SqueezeBox Touch in my car just as a music player that will be installed as a hideaway unit with all control done from my Android smartphone.Took me a while to figure out why it worked while parked outside my house,but stopped working as soon as I got to the end of my road and out of range my home wi-fi.Not enough research before hand I guess,but hopefully now I THINK I've figured out how it all works.

It of course needs a permanent internet connection.It will work as a stand alone player without one as long it has an internet connection when you update the firmware or do a full factory reset.So for what I want it to do,I need a good modem that works well under mobile conditions.I know that any radio receiver is only as good as it's aerial,so I will be replacing the stock VW roof aerial with one for the correct band that I'll be using in my car.

I know that over here in the UK 3G isn't even all that good yet and they're already telling us how wonderful 4G is,so I need to make the most of what is still predominantly 3G coverage around where I live.I need a modem that will hang onto the signal for as long as possible,preferably one that doesn't need a separate dongle plugged into it (it will take it's own SIM card),and maybe even has the provision to plug in an external aerial.

So any recommendations for something that'll work well for me please guys?