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Thread: Sprint Wireless Internet hack

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    Well I went ahead and simply pay for my service, im using one of the new Sierra Wireless 595U aircards and its great, im on EVDO-rev a which is wayyyyyyyyyyy faster, never any lag on streaming, only time I do have lag is with youtube and thats not to often. Its well worth paying for.

    PS: the only phones that dont need PAM are pocket pc phones, all the 6700 and bellow work without PAM, but I think on the 6800 (mogul) they found a way to add PAM. So use a 6700 and simply have the 15.00 unlimted data for your cell and sprint has no way of telling the diffrence because the phone is literally a PC also.

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    Your right, just had my work phone upgraded to the Mogul and it does have PAM . So no more cheap internet access for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by e39dream View Post
    as an update to my above post,I checked my sprint balance, 60 some bucks. Then after using the phone as a modem happily for about oh, 20 minutes(after 7pm, ha) I recieved a phone call. answered and talked for maybe 10 mins tops. Had dinner. went to check voicemail, phone shut off. Logged back into pcs website- current balance 148.00- over spending limit and all. IRATE! I call "customer solutions" after jabbering with several obviously indonesian people I snapped and begged for a manager. Sure as **** the overages were nearly 90 bucks worth of "data" charges! I ******* snapped on this guy hard- phone back on- with a sympahtetic 50 dollar "service credit".. I'm out 30+ bucks on you assholes advice, thanks. So I cooled off and called cus. solutions back, requesting pricing for a unlimited data plan. 39.99 a month was what I was told to use my phone as a modem- if I do not buy that plan- which is on top of my 60 a month voice services, data will cost a harsh .02 cents per kb. I'm no expert but I think that puts a 800x600 jpeg at like 5 bucks.... So now what? I don't forsee myself paying an extra 40 bucks monthly to casually check my email or run msn messenger in the car.... I hate sprint pcs with such passion, I have been a customer for over 5 years and this is not the first time they have run the .02/kb blues on me... anyone thinking class action on sprint def. pm me- I'll sign it. Any sprint reps like to fix me up before I start investing more of my ample free time telling the true horror of a long term sprint user? Why the **** can't I use my minutes for data? I bet it's cheaper than voice to use- it's just that the average joe doesnt need it so they bend you over good on it. I'm pointing a service rep to this thread I hope no one cares. I want answers and the sweat shop immigrants who speak broken english at sprints customer solutions cannot seem to address them properly. This inability to provide me an affordable data service for my mobile needs will cost them a customer if it is not remedied immediately- I am not afraid to check the market. I'm quite positive that someone has an unlimited data plan for less than 40 dollars monthly. I'll put a direct wav dish on my hood for that cost. I am so ****ed I'd like to go one on one with the ceo of sprint in a no holds barred grudge match in which I would bloody his/her eyes with my phone and then shove it so far up thier *** that they sneeze my phone book entries.... this forum needs a disgruntled sprint user thread stickied for ppl like me to vent....
    For data its only 15.00 dollars extra, and thats unlimited!

    I dont know, I have done research and found that Sprint has always had decent pricing, and they are alot more open with what you can do with thier service.

    For phone I pay 39.99 for 300 outgoing and unlimited incoming. I rarely call people, they call me so this plan works. I use about 29 minutes outgoing a month and about 1,256 minutes incoming. 15.00 extra dollars for unlimited data on my pocket pc, $0.00 (PPC 6700) to use it as a modem, 10.00 to have unlimited incoming and outgoing at 6:00pm. So far no one can beat this.

    When it comes to my aircard with EVDO Rev. A, I pay 59.99, and can do whatever i want with it. Were as Verizon (which is on the same network) puts in thier contracts that you cant stream video or music and other unfair things, and all the other companies try to make you have to sell a kidney to use thier data plans.

    So I guess what Im trying to say is that Sprint is reasonable and I'm willing to pay for it.

    PS: How to disable tethering detection (PAM):

    You have to have your MSL number (which is the unlock code for programming your phone yourself) in order to change anything. You can call Sprint Technical Support and tell them you're getting Error Code 67 and can't connect to the internet on your phone. (Or you can just ask the rep to give it to you.) They should walk you through how to reset the data services by making you input ##3282# and then they'll give you your MSL number. Write it down as it is unique to your phone. Then you can hang up or whatever. That's what I did anyway. But go into the menu they were walking you through anyway and Edit the Mobile IP Only to Mobile IP Preferred. Save and soft reset when it tells you to.

    You'll need to edit your registry. The only three keys in HKLM>Software>OEM>WMODEM should all be changed to Decimal 0. (Make sure at least Multi-NAI is set to 0 as that is the tethering detection)

    Then just go to Connections settings and make sure Phone As Modem is the default connection for dialing up. Open Internet Explorer on the phone and dial up. When the connection is established, open Internet Sharing, choose USB and Phone As Modem for the settings and just start it and connect the USB cable.

    That's what I did and I'm getting about 1 Mbps to 1.3 Mbps both on my phone alone and when tethered to my laptop, all on just EVDO. Can't wait for EVDO Rev. A!

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