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Thread: Sprint Wireless Internet hack

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    maybe they capped you (put on a cap that limits your bandwidth)
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    Quote Originally Posted by faiz_23
    anyone with sprint noticed, that now i am only getting a speed of 28.8, about a month ago i was getting 235 kbps, what is up
    Sometimes when the network is busy, it will connect at slower speed. I've conneted at 28.8 before but most of the time is at 115k. 144k is the limit. How are you able to connect at 235k?
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    i use to always connect at that speed, i think those bastards capped me.

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    I use Sprint PCS Vision almost every day and when I get the car computer every hour of every day I signed up for it and the sales rep said the PCS Vision is unlimited and does not count against your minutes. Even if its attached to a laptop using their connection software. PCS vision doesn't dial a number on my Setup it just connects and its a rather fast connection too 5+k/sec on my .zip downloads. Call up sprint they will tell you that the addition of PCS vision to your plan will empower you to unlimited internet as long as your cell phone battery can hold out I did a road trip with my tablet PC that was 200 miles and was online the entire time talking on instant messenger and surfing e-bay without a problem. Just call sprint if you want to know more about it.

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    Ive been using Sprint for 4 years+ now and for three of them I have been using data services for Internet Access.

    Ive used a Sanyo 4500 for this (serial port) and now my Sanyo 5300 (usb) and it works great. I've definetly used it all over NY, PA, CT, and NJ without any problems. I wanna say it runs at about 28.8 give or take but it does the job for e-mail and whatnot just fine... I do not get any additional charges on my bill either.

    Those PCMCIA cards talk to the same network your phone does, don't let them fool you - get a cell phone plan and use the phone for internet, leave the thing in your car 24/7, lol
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    I have an older Kyocera 2345 that will only connect at 14.4 ever. But then, I only have the free & Clear plan, not vision.

    My web access time is deducted from my minutes. And since I really only use it on the weekends, those unlimited minutes come in handy.

    I am ready to get a new phone and was kind of suprised Sprint wants like $15 more per month to activate vision. Will this get me a faster connection? Is it up to the plan, or phone?

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    When you setup PCS connection manager, don't make it a dial-up. IT will find you phone, and use it as a network not as a modem. If you do dialup you use your minutes, if you use the network method you use you vision plan and you get speeds close to 144k at least I do with my phone (PM-8200 by Sanyo).

    Also there is a bug? with Sprint PCS, if you don't have vision plan but do have ready link, you will still be able to use the above mentioned method, and not get charged. This was confirmed on two phones over a single invoice period, but I do not guarantee that it works, and will not be responsible if you get charged.
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    #777 works great on my Sanyo 8100, but I recently purchased a PCMCIA card.

    This was mainly because I send tons of data (I stream mp3 audio to my car or headphones), was sick of the poor battery life on the handset, and wanted to still make calls during my data sessions.

    I can stream digitally imported ('s 96Kbps audio stream to my laptop, while on the freeway, without any breakup. I have also transmitted live video/audio streams with my quickcam and laptop microphone over the network at about 80Kbps. There is something to be said about listening to near-CD quality streaming internet radio or showing a 30fps video of your drive while you are crusing at 80.

    The network bursts at 144Kbps, but I really see about 100Kbps-110Kbps of actual throughput on both transmit and receive. Even though I see very good throughput, my latency is significantly high for such speeds -- about 250mS - 300mS on average, with about 100mS of jitter at times. This completely rules out mobile gaming.

    Guys, don't even bother with the bandwidth checkers. They are inaccurate and do not work properly with high speed, high latency links like a cellular data.

    I hear EDGE is about the same speed as Sprint 1xRTT, but you simply cannot upload the same speed. EV-DO will give us faster downloads ~500Kbps on average, but the upload will remain 144Kbps peak.

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    ...Ever heard of radio, it was designed for this kind of thing
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    I have a sanyo 8100. I put a little jumper wire in my data cable and it charges the phone while I'm online. I get 128 kbs using #777, the connection goes dead agfter a few minutes of inactivity so I set it up to ping google or yahoo every second or so. The phone gets hot as hell

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