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Thread: Would a 802.11b PCMCIA Work for Windows 95?

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    Would a 802.11b PCMCIA Work for Windows 95?

    Hey everyone, this time this isnt really carputer related, but figure this is about the best group of computer people that I have any ties to. My question is fairly simple. Can anyone confirm or deny that a PCMCIA 802.11b card work for Windows 95? My roommate has a lappy that he's wanting to hook to my wireless lan but he can only get 95 installed successfully. Its 95-C in case that matters at all... Ive done some searching on the net. Most new cards do not say support for 95, but some older cards like on eBay and Pricewatch say they do support it? I know it would mostly depend on the manufacturer etc, but can anyone confirm 90% that it should probably work? Thanks for any help you can give me.
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    I reckon your best bet is to look at the driver downloads for major brands, and try to find drivers for a card for Windows 95, then go buy the card!

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    I use an Orinoco PCMCIA on an old Thinkpad under Windows 95 osr2 (b) all the time.

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