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Thread: use carpc as a bluetooth headset

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    i got a bluetooth dongle and a nockia 6310i
    and in bluetooth neighbourhood, it says voice gateway, and that uses the pc as a headset.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mutilator
    i got a bluetooth dongle and a nockia 6310i
    and in bluetooth neighbourhood, it says voice gateway, and that uses the pc as a headset.
    this sounds promising, ill have to try it when i can next find my bluetooth dongle!!!


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    The Radio Shack Centrios USB Dongle supports using your PC as a Headset. Works fine, with my hacked H2200 iPaq

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    Quote Originally Posted by wizardPC
    dominic: Which bluetooth phone do you have? The t616 can do it, but the Nokia 3650 can't
    That's a damn shame! From what I hear, it only supports the Handsfree profile, which there is NO software for out there (from what I have found). If we could just find some software for the Handsfree profile, we'd be in business!



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    look for zooro's phonecontrol here in the forum its working great with most bluetooth mobiles

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    no ****, huh?

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    No **** sherlock.
    CarPC status: iPod, 3,456,217 songs so **** you

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    A plan..

    So far this sounds pretty good. Let me get a few things straight. If you have a BT dongle that supports "Voice Forwarding" then any incoming/outgoing calls will go through the PC (Sound Output=Speakers, Sound Input=Mic)? Is this correct? See the thing is that most or all phones only support one Bluetooth connection at once. This makes it so that if your phone is pared with your PC you can not use a BT headset at the same time. This sucks because when you call someone through PhoneControl then you still have to lift up your cell phone to do all the talking( ) From what it is sounding like here I can have my cell voice forwarded through the PC and then I can get a wireless headset for the PC, once this is done I can essentially make all calls through PhoneControl and talk away with out ever having to even take my phone out of the glove box.. Do I sound on track with this? Any suggestions? I am going to go to CompUSA right now and buy a BT dongle that supports voice forwarding and then take it from there. I saw up in this thread that the D-Link supports voice forwarding so I will just buy that one to be safe and it is also on the supported dongles list for PhoneControl.

    Thanks, this should be pretty James Bondish if it all works out.

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    i have a belkin usb bluetooth adapter (whcih supports audio gateway) and a moto v600 and it does what you want

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    BT / Handfree etc...

    In Linux, there's "kdebluetooth framework" part of KDE, that I use to control my music with my series 60 phone (siemens SX1, but also work with N-gage 6600 etc...). Coming with this "kbemusedsrv" (see bemused project, really cool, works great) comes a handfree feature. My dongle does not support "voice" actually, so I was not able to forward sound, but I can call someone on my contact list on my computer, directly using my EPIA-10000, having my Phone in my pocket. I guess one just need a Mike!
    Of course there's no Install-everything-in-one-shot-wizard, but when it works, you don't have to fight with USB / Bluetooth /USBtoSerial etc...
    The good point is that if your handy is connected with your computer, you can use it to control your volume/playlist AND handfree, since it uses the same bluetooth connection! Yet, thanks to Infomap Navigator GPS navigation is no problem under Linux.

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