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Thread: Instructions on getting FREE wireless internet from T-Mobile using GPRS

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    Quote Originally Posted by gareva1
    The party's not over! Check out this thread from Howard

    it shows you how to access wap sites from alternate gateways, and it also tells you that you can still tether your laptop/carputer to your phone for internet access
    Seems to be, I changed the WAP to the IP address suggested & I still get a T-Mobile page saying I have to pay $5 a month. Ah well
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    so is there anyway to get this set up with the pay as you go plan anymore? I'd pay the $5 bucks a month happily, but their cheapest plans are a bit more than I am willing to pay right now.

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    wireless world 56k modem !

    i checked into it, just not sure if teirs enough use to make it reasonable... If you have T-mobile its 19.99/mth by it self 29.99/mth. what you get 24hrs a day unlimited 56K wireless modem that uses the t-mobile network, no raoming either.

    you must get the pcmcia pc card unit for this (ebay 99.00), t-mobile (300.00).

    I have a friend with t-mobile, thinking about giving him 240.00 up front (close friend) and let him sign up for it for me... (most people wont do a 1 yr contract for others, but if i pay for year up front i dont see why not.)

    so far it seems like a good plan, but i need more uses then email, web searching to do this... I have nextel now with unlimited web, 19k though, but good enough for email.


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    I found some other information while speaking to tech support the other day -
    T-mobile offers 2 types of access - Internet 1 and Internet 2.

    Internet one is the Basic plan, and prvides only a NAT'ed Internal IP.
    Internet two Is the extended service and offers a publically routable IP - Will support VPN connectivity.

    I also have some other dialing codes that work better for some phones.

    I use (and pay) for the Internet 2 option, and use it quite frequently in my car. I have a Sony Ericsson t610 connected through bluetooth to my car pc.
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    Seems like the party is in fact NOT over! Just tried it on my laptop and it works great! I guess it only doesn't work when using tzones directly from your phone. I thought all hope was lost, but I guess its working for now at least.

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    has anyone tried this with a nokia 3595? i just saved the phone from the trash and it works great but the data cables i found don't say they'll work with mobile internet

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    i guess i found out why the mobile internet doesn't work... this phone doesn't support it.... now to find another one, my GF has been eyeing this 3595 anyway i guess she now has a new phone.

    Apparently the number for a cable connected phone for GPRS is *99#

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    Has anyone in australia done this yet? I would probably look into it, as I have a 6610 (no bluetooth but it does have IR) but untill I have heard someone else has successfully done it I prob wont rush out and waste time on it:P
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    if you have a buddy with a laptop it would be a matter of minutes before you found out if it worked or not, no data cable neccessary

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    i finally got this GPRS to work and damn i love it i ended up getting a cheap motorola V66 and a data cable for $20 and it works like a charm, in fact i'm on it right now, the speed is tolerable especially for being connected just about anywhere. Finally T-mobile is worth it!

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