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Thread: U.S robotics wireless pci adapter giving me headache

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    U.S robotics wireless pci adapter giving me headache

    22 mbps U.S robotics wireless pci adapter giving me headache, i do not know what to do. i installed everything right, i hope. keep getting pretty decent link quality but signal strength never leaves 0%. i have no clue what i am doing. its not just my router either, i drive around with it and it picks up all these routers and pull into a hotspot and it doesnt connect. what should i do?

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    get a better card
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    Quote Originally Posted by wizardPC
    get a better card
    I thought you were going to quit being the forum jackass?

    First, what OS do you have? Do you have all the latest updates for everything.

    Try seting up your W. Network without any security to see if you can connect that way. Then start turning security features on and see when it stops working. This should be a good start. Good luck.
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