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Thread: Need to get a new cellphone

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    I've had a P900 for about 4 months now. It took them several firmware updates to get bluetooth working right - but once you do that, the phone rocks.

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    Well, if you want to switch to AT&T or Cingular (keeping your current phone number obviously) you can get the new Moto V600 for only $149 after rebate from Best Buy. It's got all the latest stuff: Java, Bluetooth, etc. plus it's quad-band and comes unlocked (only from Best Buy). That means if you travel outside the states you can switch out the sim card without worries. My brother got it and loves it. I checked the phone out and it really is a nice phone. I'm planning to get it when my contract is up in a couple of months. Either that or one of the new high-speed Windows Smart Phones coming out soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kefka_killer
    Yeah I just stopped by t-mobile and picked up a Sony Ericsson T610. I hope you find someone to sell to.
    Good choice... that's what I was going to recommend. I originally got a T610 with my T-Mobile plan, then swapped it for a Nokia 6610, then swapped that for a Siemens S55. Now I wish I had kept my original T610, because it had better bluetooth support than all of them, better signal, and good battery life.

    BTW, that link for unlimited internet is only for prepaid service. If you sign up for a normal T-Mobile plan, you only have to pay $5/month for unlimited internet and you don't have to do all that garbage about refilling your card every month, etc. I use it all the time when I travel for free (slow) wireless internet access.
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