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Thread: 1 number 2 sim cards?

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    1 number 2 sim cards?

    I am wondering can I clone a SIM CARD? i mean i have CITY FIDO, unlimted air time... Would it be possible to have 2 phones and 1 phone number?

    Also while i am posting little question about internet... Why can't I use my cellphone as a dailup modem to aol or anything 56k modem?

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    Can't answer your first question, but the second one is because the GSM standard already uses modulation to transmit...and as a modem is already a MOulator/DEModulator it's not possible. That's my understanding anyway.

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    For your first question, I have no idea how cell phone systems work but I would assume that if you were to clone a phone, the second phone would not be able to register on the network if the first one is already registered. To put it simpler, if one of the phones is turned on and getting signal, when you turn the second phone on it won't be able to get signal until you turn the first one off. Of course I'm totally guessing on how the system works, but even if I'm wrong I'm sure they have it set up so people can't use 2 phones with 1 number...

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