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Thread: Mobile Satellite on TLC's Rides

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    talk over overkill - who wants a dish on their roof?

    just use a GPRS mobile and a terrestrial digital TV receiver and be done with it ! - The UK CarPC Forum

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    Ok, well that makes sense then--but then again we werent really talking about hotspots. Tmobile has those too
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    Quote Originally Posted by wizardPC
    That's not satellite, and you can get the same service from Tmobile for $20
    As was said earlier, T-mobile and Sprint internet are COMPLETELY different. T-mobile, which is a GSM cellular service, uses GPRS to connect to the internet (roughly dial-up speeds). It does fluctuate. I have T-mobile with a Motorola V300, Sometimes I connect at 44KBPS and then sometimes I connect at 80KBPS. I like this because it is only $20/month, and it doesn't use my plan minutes.

    Sprint, which is a CDMA provider (same as Verizon WIreless, which I also have), uses 1XRTT to connect, which roughly gives you 140-230KBPS, which is reletivley close to a slow DSL service. The thing I hate about 1XRTT services (At least with Verizon), Even though the connection is WAY faster, it uses my plan minutes, so I usually only use it oin nights/weekends.

    Hope this clears things up.



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