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Thread: Mobile Satellite on TLC's Rides

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    Mobile Satellite on TLC's Rides

    There was a new episode of TLC's Rides tonight featuring 702 Motoring. On the show they were doing a project car that they said had mobile satellite tv and internet. They also noted that the antenna/sat. looked like a folded down toilet seat.

    Does anyone know much about that setup? I assume it is quite pricey but it would be cool to know more. As an aside that same Hummer project vehicle also featured a Car PC as well. Check it out out it had a lot of cool stuff.


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    I was looking into the same thing before. I got good news and bad news.
    Good news -. I called up my satellite provider and was told that the service will be the same price as regular home satellite
    Bad newss - the satellite dish to mount on the car costs $3800
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    The TracVision A5 does not support internet. However KVH does have models
    that do, but the ones tha support internet look like a beachball, so I don't think
    you would want that on your car. I don't think you heard right about the

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    Your best bet for mobile internet is a sierra wireless rugged mode. MP555 or MP750. They are some of the best units out there and kill any of the cheesy aircards with antennas people use.

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    just saw the same episode tonight and yes, he said "high speed internet". Along with TV and I think radio. It was going into their show car a Hummer (what else).

    The way he said it was kinda odd. He was talking about the computer, then mentioned the dish, then mentioned "high speed internet". I'm not 100% sure he was refering to the dish getting HSI or the computer. He might be refering to the Hummer's computer having HSI but from another source.

    Their web site doesn't show anything about it either.

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    ... and the "professionals" are using desktop IDE hdd's, morons.

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    Hey, nothing wrong with a desktop hdd.

    I also saw the show and the part on the computer, looks like we're begining to get mainstream now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dreadie
    ... and the "professionals" are using desktop IDE hdd's, morons.
    Youz a fool.

    There is nothing wrong with a Desktop drive.
    They are the only way to fit all of my media lol.
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