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Thread: ZORRO!!! where is that masked man?

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    ZORRO!!! where is that masked man?

    hey, i got the motorola v720 from verizon and want to try it with phone control. give me a pm or reply. i'd kinda just like to chat somewhere. i think there's a few bugs to iron out, and it'd be easier to chat than posting a message every 10 secs. thanks

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    He's there, you just can't see him.
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    Try it at i think you will find him there....

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    where are you?

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    put your questions in the phonecontrol thread and i am sure he will help you out, the masked man is pretty quick at responding in that way

    he hasnt got a clue yo uare looking for him in this thread at least in the other thread he will get an email about the new post
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