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Thread: P2P wi-fi help

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    P2P wi-fi help


    I am going to be writing my own media center style program for my senior project. I don't really know much about wireless yet just starting to get into it. Any links for info or advice would be appreicated. I am thinking of implementing a file sharing option. For example my friend parks next to me he could browse my fiels and download them onto his car and vice versa. Any thoughts on wha tkind of wireless set up would work best?


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    It's called AD-Hoc mode.

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    yeah i tested that at work with a few laptops but it doesn't seem to quick to connect or reliable. I was using new cisco cards, is there something else i should use? or a way to get them to recognize better than normal?

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    I transfer files between my car's computer and my home computer through 2 linksys 802.11b wireless adapters. Using ad-hoc mode, i can connect to my car reliably and at 11mbps as soon as my car is in the driveway.

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    are you just using the wireless config through windows? If so did you set up a prefered connection or just connect to whatever is around?

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