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Thread: Nextel ir1200 Modem

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    Nextel ir1200 Modem

    Has anyone used the Nextel ir1200 modem for internet? I just got it and it works fine but would like some more speed out of it. They say it is equal to a 56k connection but I am so used to high speed that it seems soo slow. Maybe there are some tricks you guys might know out there. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimStark
    I used to work for Nextel and many people don't use their phone as modems. 9600 is so slow that you want to scream using it. They have a better package that gives you unlimited data service but they trick you. They say that it is up to 56K but in reality it is only 14.4 and they use compression software to make it seem like 56K.

    I was wondering if anyone has hooked their nextel phone up to use with the phonecontrol software?
    quote from another thread

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