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Thread: Nokia 7210 as a Modem

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    Nokia 7210 as a Modem

    Well, I've been fiddling wiht my phone for a long while now, and I've searched a huge number of forums for answers to this questions, I've finally decided to post my question here. I hope you all can help me =)

    Basically, i'm trying to get my computer hit the net, and I'd like it to have access the internet via my phone, and I was quite surprised to have found out that my Nokia 7210 could function as a modem via an Infrared connection!

    Well, I started testing it, and I downloaded the PC Suite from Nokia, and I even got the phone all connected to Windows XP Pro.. and then I installed the driver that Nokia provided for the Phone.

    Then I tried to dial out to my university's ISP using my phone ..

    now with the dialup connection, the phone would begin to dial the number I wanted it to dial, but then all I would get was this weird "beep beep" sound, and it would continue, and then I would get an error 678 from dialup networking within windows.

    Now, I really do NOT want to pay some exorbant amount of money to the worst provider on earth (suncom) for their god damned GPRS service. I already wasted 2 dollars a month for literally a year on their crappy I-Net service which leaves me wanting to stab myself.

    All I want to do is use my phone to dial out to some other ISP, and use my minutes to actually exchange data .. I'm not interested in routing my data over a suncom network.

    HEELLPP. I'm so lost now .. there has to be some way, and I know the smart people out here probably know of a way.

    Thanks a lot amigos. (And to all of you that love suncom, my bad .. I've just had the worst experience with them almost all the time).

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    Hi there, I had the same experience as you. My phone is the nokia 3360, did the same set as you and got the exact same error. I tried calling nokia directly but sadly, they didn't know what I was talking about.

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    That sucks, I'm still holding out for something .. but I think this setup might be impossible without a CSD service from the phone company =\

    Not sure though, still looking for more opinions.

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