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Thread: Interesting Article about Wifi Access

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    Interesting Article about Wifi Access

    While not exaclty about the same issues discussed about accessing WAP's from your car. The general idea in this article is the same. Connecting to a open WAP that does not belong to you and using it to connect to the internet.

    Now understand I would not take this article as law. But there are alot of interesting statements made in it. I found it ecspecially interesting that this is on The Slate....a MS owned news site.

    How to Steal Wi-fi

    The above is the name of the article...not my naming of it so please don't think that I condone stealing Wi-fi in any way....heh

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    Haha. That is a good article. Bookmarked that one.
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    fun read
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    Every techie I know says that you shouldn't use other people's networks without permission. Every techie I know does it anyway.
    Wow. He hit that one on the head. I've told everyone that I know that its illegal, and they shouldn't do it. And of course, I do it as often as I can.

    The comments on the bottom of the page are pretty interesting too.
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    Please be careful when posting links to articles such as this, we wouldn't want a 'common sense' epidemic sweeping around the world!

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