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Thread: Are there any Hams in the house????

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    will not work

    "If you try to talk through an analog repeater, in digital mode, it will not work. The repeater must be able to receive a digital carrier and re-broadcast a digital carrier.

    Since a digital carrier is different than an analog carrier, a non-digital radio can not re-broadcast the digital carrier. It's not just digital data, it's an actual digital signal. If you try to transmit, in digital mode, into an analog repeater, all the analog radios on the repeater will simply hear white noise and a digital radio listening will hear nothing. The digital radio will see activity on the signal strength meter, as would be normal when there is analog activity on the frequency.


    Kevin McClinton, W7JRL
    Amateur Technical Trainer

    ICOM America, Inc.
    2380 116th Ave. NE
    Bellevue, WA 98004
    Ph. (425) 454-7619
    Fax (425) 637-8417

    Here is what the Ex dstar expert says:

    The answer is, NO it will not work.

    The reason is simple, the modulation scheme is not compatible, nor is the repeaters circuitry.

    In a typical analog repeater, an FM demodulator is used to demodulate the FM signal, effectively "decoding" the voice signal imposed upon the carrier, by way of Frequency Modulation. The analog repeater then takes the analog audio, and passes it to the repeaters transmitter, where it is "re-encoded", by the FM modulator and sent over the air.

    In a D-STAR repeater, an IQ demodulator is used, to "decode" the data imposed upon the carrier, by way of Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying. Once the digital signal, effectively ones and zeros, is extracted, it is buffered and regenerated. The regenerated signal is sent to the transmitter where it is "re-encoded" and sent out over the air.

    As you can see, the operation is similar, up to the point where the signal is received, by the repeater, but after that, the process, and type of signal (one being audio and the other be data ones and zeros) is very different.

    Any type of digital system, that uses tones, or audio, to represent data, can be passed through an analog repeater, because thatís what analog repeaters pass, Audio. Not all analog repeaters will pass that digital signal well, since there can be level and fidelity issues, but it should work. Thatís also why D-STAR a "true" digital system will not go through any analog repeater.


    Matthew F. Yellen K7DN
    Systems Engineer

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    KC8MOO -- yeah..mooooooooo. Anyways, I haven't picked up a ham in a few years but I still have some equipment that I might try to incorporate into my RoadRun; but ham and car computer sounds like more trouble than it's worth. Then again, the days of talking on the ham to strangers doesnt really interest me nemore. I'd rather talk to strangers via LOL

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    PE1KOX is QRV as well. Been licensed since 1985 or so.

    I'm semi-active on 23cm and 13cm with home-built Amateur TV. Also ran a major Packet Radio node in the Netherlands for a few years (PI1NOS/PI8NOS), with multiple 19.2k baud channels linking the rest of the country.

    Not planning on using any of that in the car though...

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    I'm not a ham (yet) but I am a bit of a radio geek, does that count? I'm also currently in training as a Ground Radio technician for the USAF. I'm planning on eventually getting my amateur license, but untill then I've got my Uniden BCT-8 scanner and my Uniden Grant XL CB in my truck to keep me busy (not to mention playing with various antenna designs for WiFi, etc.)

    1997 Chevy S-10, ext. cab
    CarPC Progress: 75% - Functional, but not quite finished.
    Check out my progress.

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    VK3FUNK Here.

    Running a Yaesu FT-90R in the car at the moment but looking at changing it to either my FT-8900R or a Icom unit.



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    Found this via search. N0YSN here looking at trying to integrate APRS into my carputer plans. Currently only 1 radio, Icom 2100 H in the car and a VX-150 HT. Used to be involved in packet back in the 90's working on finishing my extra.

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